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Like many women, 9 out of 10 women, I suffer from cellulitis!

Beautiful legs

Suffer, yes… because it can be physically and morally painful. Esthetically speaking, we don’t like to see it, incidentally, we never see it in the magazines!

And yet, it has been a part of women’s lives forever. At one time, plump women with curves were even considered graceful. How have times changed!!!


What is cellulite?

The word “cellulite” was created in a European beauty spa a few decades ago to identify the orange peel aspect of the skin on the buttocks, thighs and hips of women.

Whether we are thin, tall, short or plump, it doesn’t make any difference because cellulite appears on women of all shapes and sizes!

It seems that feminine hormones, heredity, lack of physical exercise and diet are all guilty contributors!

Ladies, there are no magical solutions for cellulite!

However, for certain determined people, it is possible to improve, yes, yes “improve”, the appearance of cellulite:


  1. Exercise daily, tone and reinforce muscles lose weight to really reduce the actual mass of fat cells.
  2. Choose a healthy diet, low in fat, salt and sugar.
  3. Massage yourself: a massage with your hands or with a silicone suction cup may be very helpful! The suction cup is an affordable accessory that is efficient and practical for women who wish to perform a deep massage on cellulite.
  4. Those famous miracle products: there no anti cellulite creams that will cure cellulite on their own. Some may be helpful when they are used with a good localized massage.
Cupping massages

For more information on cupping massages:

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Ocean Balm - Cellulite

For more information on the products to use when massaging:

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We will never get rid of cellulite with false treatments!

Guylaine Audet, Naturopath
President – Les Soins Corporels l’Herbier

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