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The sun is essential for both physical and mental health!


The rays of the sun offer us a sensation of joy, reduce irritability, contribute to the production of vitamin D and reinforce the immune system.

But… it is also essential to be safe!

When we overdo it, the sun can be harmful. How do we know when we’ve been in the sun for too long? There’s one simple rule: if you see even the slightest hint of redness or feel a slight burning sensation, it’s proof that we’ve had too much exposure to the sun. This situation must be avoided by being attentive to our skin sensations.


How to get some sun safely?

Every day, it is good for us to get a little bit of sunshine. However, it is preferable to wear a hat, sunglasses and to choose a sunscreen that is adapted to your skin type and the intensity of the sun.

Absolutely avoid being out in the sun between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. As soon as you feel even the slightest burning sensation, the body is telling us that we’ve had enough.



Apply your sunscreen about 15 minutes before going out and especially after swimming. Re-apply about every 2 hours in order to maintain protection.

Certified organic sunscreens are made for all skin types.
The natural ingredients offer a simple alternative for protection against the sun and leave your skin feeling soft and healthy.

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Sunburns and natural methods

The pain from a sunburn can be intense and last for days, then will naturally fade. It is recommended to drink plenty of water.


To help relieve an intense burn, certain specialized natural products may be applied to the burn and re-applied every 6 hours.

Applying a natural cream for damaged skin, made with calming plants (lavender, calendula, St-John’s-wort, marshmallow, etc.), several times a day can also help to relieve the pain.

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Traditional recipes


Many traditional recipes are known to provide some relief. The most common one is the application of aloe verra gel. Then there are also the raw potatoes, milk, cucumber, yogourt…

If the sunburn is very strong and the person is experiencing nausea and headaches, it is absolutely necessary to see a doctor.

Guylaine Audet, Naturopath
President – Les Soins Corporels l’Herbier

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