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We share and distribute our products and passion with many retailers, schools, massage therapists and health centers!
We recommend calling us to check if the product you are looking for is available before coming in person.


Whether you’re a consumer or a health professional, you can find our products in a specialized shop near you. We suggest calling the reseller before you visit in person to find out if our product is in stock at the store.


We are industry innovators, and that’s why we offer our top products with as little environmental impact as possible: in bulk, available from a number of retailers. This initiative yields a three-pronged benefit: it’s environmentally friendly, economical, and sustainable.
Looking to buy our body care or massage products in bulk?

Health centres, spas and clinics

Do you care about the products your spa uses for your treatments?
Would you like to be treated, massaged, or just plain spoiled with our personal care products when you visit a centre or specialized clinic?

Massage therapy

Would you like to receive a treatment by a therapist who works with our professional products?
Are you looking for a personalized treatment with healthy, natural products that are also organic and environmentally friendly?

Training institutes

Would you like to be trained with quality personal care products? Are you looking for a school that carefully considers your work tools? A school that cares about the health of its therapists as much as their clients?

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